AKC Tests:

Airedales may compete in

AKC Spaniel Hunt Tests.

To find the AKC Hunt Tests in your area, search this link on the AKC website:      

 Hunting Retriever Club Tests:

Airedales may compete in Hunting Retriever Club tests, which are a division of the United Kennel Club (UKC). The Hunting Retriever Club website is at this link:      

HWA Field Tests & Events:  

HWA's Field, Hunt Tests, Workshops &

Fun Event info can also be found

on our Facebook page.

A site search at the above link brings up all AKC Hunt Tests, but since Airedales may run only in AKC spaniel tests, you should ignore the Retriever and Pointer tests (unless you want to go as an observer). Clicking on the name of each club offering the test will tell you what kind of test is offered.

      This website offers a wealth of information on these tests. Since the HRC is part of the United Kennel Club, your Airedale must be registered with the UKC to enter these tests.

You can easily register your dog

on the website.


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