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Hunting Working Airedale Breeders

*** Sherri Glass  •  Stillwaters Airedales - Clyde, OH

Tel: 419-355-3620    



At Stillwaters we believe in good temperaments, working abilities, and the AKC standard. Our breedings are carefully planned and selected to maintain and improve the Airedale breed. All parents are OFA hip or Penn Hip x-rayed. Our puppies are raised in our home and extensively socialized. We perform personality tests, and selectively place puppies according to their individual personalities to match their new family's lifestyle. All of our pups are vet-checked, microchipped, and have all the appropriate shots & de-worming before going to their new homes. Puppies are sent home with a contract, a "puppy-pack", and AKC registration.

*** Paula Falk  •  Ice Pond Airedales - Kents Store, VA  

Tel: 434-589-6622



Our first litter was in 1974. After hunting our Airedales on our farms through the years, we entered our first hunt test in Illiniois in 1998 and our first Conformation Champion in 2002. Our goal is to breed versatile AKC Airedales that can perform in any venue – in the ring, in the field... and on the couch! You can view videos of Icepond Airedales on YouTube by searching: "Icepond Airedales (with the " " marks). You can also readily locate & select to view our many videos by googling: YouTube Icepond Airedales.

*** Corally Burmaster  •  Coldstream Airedales - Leesburg, VA    

Tel: 703-777-2277



Corally is an internationally-known clicker-training instructor, the author of The Puppy Headstart Program , which provides maximum envirnmental enrichment for developing puppies, and an award-winning Puppy Kindergarten DVD. Her champion conformation lines have produced dogs that have titled in agility, obedience and hunting – as well as certified Therapy and Service dogs. to produce trainable, biddable dogs for families who enjoy dog sports like agility, obedience and hunting. She's a long time participant and supporter in our Hunting Working program.

*** Barbara Brown  •  Quantum Airedales  - Neenah, Wisconsin

Tel:  847-971-3166


Since the mid 1980’s, Quantum Airedales have excelled as intelligent, fun and protective family companions. In 1991, they successfully entered the conformation ring, obedience and hunting events, depending on their owners’ interests. In order to facilitate motivational training, clicker training is started with weaning, and crate training is started upon leaving the whelping box. Puppies are loved, exposed to professionally created noise recordings, music, a variety of play environments and car travel. Medical care is provided by veterinarians, and all AKC and ATCA guidelines/rules are followed.

The HWA Member Breeders’ Listing is open to all Airedale breeders

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will be listed with one star (*) preceding his or her name. In order to provide our

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some breeders listed here may have a two-star (**) or three star (***) listing.

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These listings are provided as a service to assist those interested in Airedales,

and as a courtesy to our member-breeders who have provided this information.

The breeders listed on this page are not

listed in any specific order of preference.

Each of these fine Airedale breeders have many years (some, many decades!) of

knowledge and experience with Airedale Terriers, and in hunting and field work.

They breed only occasionally, and produce lovely, hearty, well-balanced and delightful puppies as companion dogs, or those that may be trained for hunting and field work.

We invite you to contact any of these HWA member breeders directly!

Breeder listing star-mark indicator "key":

*  Breeder is an HWA member & an Airedale breeder.

**  Breeder is an HWA member & Airedale breeder who

has had Airedales of his or her breeding participate in

HWA events.

***  Breeder is an HWA member & Airedale breeder

who has had Airedales of his or her breeding earn

HWA Hunt Test titles.

The breeders listed here may have a selective

breeding planned ~ or, available puppies.  

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The Airedale came to America shortly after its development in England (1860's–1879).

In the early 20th century, Americans' appreciation of the Airedale's hunting heritage was summarized in 1916

by Warren H. Miller (longtime editor of Field and Stream) in his classic book The American Hunting Dog.

"On the borderline between the bird dog and the fur dog stands the Airedale", Miller wrote,

"...the dog that can hunt both ... and the one who can and is being

successfully trained to hunt everything alive that can be hunted."

*** Christie Williams  •  Eclipse Airedales  - W. Lafayette, IN    

Cell: 765-714-2019



I breed from imported, German lines derived from over 20 generations of high-drive working Airedales. Titlling in bird work on land and water, raccoon trcking, and achieving Masters Agility Champion, Utility Dog Excellent, Tracking Dog and Rally Dog Excellent titles, Eclipse Airedales are bred for working ability, drive, athleticism... and sweetness.

*** Stew Tardif  •  Ohuivo Airedales  - Hollis, New Hampshire  

Tel: 603-465-2597


Ohuvio Airedales concentrates on high-drive dogs for protection or hunting sports. They have incorporated German lines into a program that stresses performance.  

*** Sandi Cooley  •  Strongbow Airedales - Grafton, WI  

Tel: 262-377-7852



Strongbow Airedales are bred for family companions, perfomance, conformation showing, and hunting – such s upland game, waterfowl retrieving and tracking fur. Sandi's priority is to strive for a good-natured, fun-loving and confident personalities with superior intelligence, level temperament, and an elegant, stylish attitude.

** Rhae & Cary Drijber  •  Fyrebrick Airedales - Raymond, NE  

Tel: 402-783-2374



My husband Cary and I have been involved with Airedales for over 20 years. We have participated in all Airedale activities – conformation, obedience, hunting, tracking and agility, and, in our opinion, they are all around great dogs! Several have titles in these events. Our dogs are American and/or Canadian Champions and thus conform to breed standard. Parents are cleared for hip dysplasia by OFA or Pennhip. Temperament is very important to us & all of our dogs are housedogs and must get along with each other – and with other dogs. Our puppies are raised in our family room and we spend considerable time exposing them to new situations. Puppies are vaccinated, microchipped and AKC registered before going to their new homes.

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