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Every year the HWA Field Nationals held in Ohio draws participants who come from as far as California, Texas, Ontario, and Alabama.

Though the Nationals have many repeat attendees,we delight in welcoming newcomers ~ and puppies can learn to hunt with us!

Many members (and, friends & spouses!) pitched in tirelessly to make the 29th Annual Airedale Field Nationals' events – and the entire weekend – a grand success.

You can click here to view the 2014 marked catalog, that lists the new achievements & awards attained by dogs, handlers & owners.

"There really isn’t anything else

like this for Airedales.”

This was a casual remark made by a participant back in 2012 at the 27th Airedale Field Nationals hosted by Hunting Working Airedales, Inc. (HWA). This pretty much summarizes the swirl & variety of activities & the camaraderie that takes place during one of HWA's weekend events of learning, fun and stellar achievements.

In 2015 HWA reached our 30th year, and the 30th Field Nationals proved to be quite an event!

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Holly Hills Game Preserve,

near Chillothe Ohio


At our 29th annual Field Nationals – as expected, everyone had a great time.

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Enthusiasm… and then some!
Isaac White, with his loyal companion, "Lucy"
"Roxie" ~ as enthusiastic as any 4-legged 'dale!

The friendships we forge and the accomplishments of our Airedales are shared enthusiastically amongst our members and event attendees, and are the 'heartbeat' of our organization – that's dedicated to preserving & promoting the Airedale as a versatile hunting and working companion dog.

HWA's milestone  30th ANNUAL FIELD NATIONALS  were held at

The Holly Hills Game Preserve near Chillicothe, Ohio ~ SEPT. 11th - 13th, 2015.

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Were held SEPT. 11th - 13th, 2015

at Holly HIlls Game Preserve

near Chillicothe, Ohio.

At HWA's 29th Annual Field Nationals – held in September, 2014Airedales and their owners & handlers having fun, bonding, learning & socializing ~ and of course working to achieve new titles with their dogs.