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Every year the HWA Field Nationals draws participants who come from as

far away as California, Florida, Texas, Ontario, Alabama and the Carolinas – and more.

Though the Nationals have many repeat attendees, we always delight in

welcoming newcomers ~ and puppies can learn to hunt with us!

September 9th - 11th, 2016

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We started the morning with slightly cooler temperatures (thanks to the rain the night before) with the Upland (Flushing) Test’s water series’ retrieves at the small and pretty pond used in past years. This was a familiar test exercise for several of the dogs who have done such water work while competing in AKC Upland tests.

Judges Dawn Schuster and Jamie Lands were able to qualify five of the competing dogs, making for three new Junior Hunter Flushing [JHF] titles, one Senior Hunter Flushing [SHF], and one new Master Hunter Flushing [MHF].

This year Mike, owned/handled by Chris Halvorson, came to the water in the Retriever test in the same position, having passed his Fur and Upland tests. Now he was two just retrieves away from the big trophy. Mike had practiced with ducks and likes to do water retrieves. The first duck thrown for Mike landed near the far bank. Mike jumped in and grabbed the duck, but was surprised to find himself so close to the far bank. Instead of turning around and swimming back, as his handler’s whistle ordered, he decided to get out on the far side of the bank and play with the duck a while before finally returning it to the handler.

Sunday, Sept. 11th – Day 3 of the 31st Nationals

31st HWA Field Natls


More info about our great weekend event:

Qualifiers in the 2016 HWA Field Nationals

ATCA Fur Test

Senior Fur Test

Coldstream Make My Day, SHFur, JHF, owned by Chris Halvorson and Angela Dobbins; handled

by Chris Halvorson (Lockport, NY) and bred by Corally Burmaster.

HWA Upland (Flushing) Test

Junior Upland Test

URO1 Dollar von Erikson, JHF, JHR, TD, NFP, BH, AD, RATO, RL2, owned/handled by

Linda Sorak (Normal, IL) and bred by Harriet Rosenthal

Imprimis Triumph Maximus Emperor, JHFur, JHF, owned by Patricia Gintilas and Kevin von Kluck,

handled by Patricia Gintilas (Lemont, IL) and bred by Lisa Berglin

Coldstream Make My Day, SHFur, JHF, owned by Chris Halvorson and Angela Dobbins; handled

by Chris Halvorson (Lockport, NY) and bred by Corally Burmaster

Senior Upland Test

Tartan Scottshire Wolfcreek Pistol Pete, JH, SHF, JHR, CDX, BN, RAE, owned by Joyce and

Craig Contofalsky; handled by Joyce Contofalsky (Wadsworth, OH) and bred by Carol Scott

and E. Forbes Gordon

Master Upland Test

Coldstream Born in the USA, MH, MHF, MHFur, SHR, CD, RA, owned/handled by Chris Halvorson

(Lockport, NY) and bred by Corally Burmaster and Margo Dupre

HWA Retriever Test

Junior Retriever Test

URO1 Dollar von Erikson, JHF, JHR, TD, NFP, BH, AD, RATO, RL2, owned/handled by Linda Sorak

(Normal, IL) and bred by Harriet Rosenthal

Hunting Instinct Test Qualifiers

Stillwaters Blue Grass Festival, owned/handled by Elizabeth Morrill (Sanford, NC) and bred

by Sherri Glass

Lynaire Spring Into Action, owned/handled by Sandy Shaffer (Fort Myers, FL) and bred by

Linda Baake-Jarvis

Sassy VI, owned/handled by Linda and Ben Potter (Georgetown, IL) and bred by Debbie Kennedy

Max, owned/handled by Nick and Rada Smiljic (Chicago, IL) and bred by Lawrence Alexander

Stillwaters Leap Loving Laddie Oliver, owned/handled by Roger and Theresa Brokow

(Bellville, OH) and bred by Sherri Glass

Airecraft Test Pilot, owned/bred by Kim and Dale Burrier, handled by Kim Burrier (Newton Falls, OH).

Stillwaters Comfort Me Poppy, owned/handled/bred by Sherri Glass (Clyde, OH)

Next, the action moved to a slightly larger pond in another part of the grounds for the water series of the Retriever Test. In light of the waterfowl intent of a Retriever Test, ducks would be used for these water retrieves.Frank McKane and Dawn Schuster were our judges.

There’s always a certain amount of tension riding on these last crucial retrieves towards a possible new title. In 2014, Kate Ostrowski and Filson came to their Retriever Test knowing that if Filson could do his two water retrieves, he could be the first Airedale in 12 years to win the Joan Shea Gordon Memorial Trophy for the dog that qualifies in all three tests (Fur, Upland and Retriever) at the Nationals. Filson succeeded, much to the delight of all his friends.

With the Upland and Retriever Tests completed by late Sunday morning, the Pocket Quail fun contest remained for the pups and new dogs. In this fun event, pups are given 90 seconds to lead their handler through a field that has many chukar wings hidden in the grass. When the dogs show their handlers they’ve nosed out a wing, the handler puts it in a bag. The dog who finds the most wings in 90 seconds is the winner. This year most of the pups found at least a couple of wings. The winner, however, was Louise, owned/handled by Elizabeth Morrill, who out-hunted all the others by finding 6 wings.

The Priscilla Cree Memorial Award, given by

Lawrence Alexander to the highest scoring Fur Test

dog went to Mike, owned/handled

by Chris Halvorson.

Pictured below is

Linda Sorak's "Euro"

…doing it "right"!

Awards ready for Sunday Ceremony_DSC2138

But with ribbons and awards or not, by all reports it was a very tired and happy group of Airedales and owners who left Holly Hills at the end of this Nationals.

The one final recommendation to all was to mark our calendars for what HWA has lined up at Holly Hills in 2017…

Louise - Elizabeth Morrill - hunting hard and fast wins the Pocket Quail contest

"Louise" – owned/handled by Elizabeth Morrill – hunted hard and fast to win the Pocket Quail contest.

The Awards Ceremony is our traditional way to end the Nationals weekend. Ribbons, glassware and congratulations were awarded to all the test qualifiers. In addition, our club gives special recognition for notable achievements.

The Brown Bess Memorial Award, given by Henry

Johnson Jr., to the dog with highest score in the

Upland Test was awarded to Euro, owned/handled

by Linda Sorak.

And The Road Dog Trophy, awarded to the dog who traveled to AKC or HRC tests to earn the most AKC or HRC legs since the last Nationals was shared by Kira, owned/handled by Michael Sites and Bruce, owned/handled by Chris Halvorson.

Both Kira and Bruce earned four AKC Master Hunter legs since the last Nationals. (pictured at right)

Pocket Quail Contest
Retriever Tests Water Series
Euro - Linda Sorak - 2nd water retrieve - Retriever Test RET_DSC2027

That performance was fortunately followed by a true-blue retriever work by Euro, owned and handled by Linda Sorak.

Euro ultimately became the only Airedale to qualify in this year’s HWA Retriever Test, which he did in addition to qualifying for his Junior Upland Test. We’re delighted that this versatile Airedale can add HWA’s JHF and JHR titles to his performance resume.

Mike - proves to be an entertainer in the water series - Jr Retriever Test

"Mike" – owned/handled by Chris Halvorson – was unofficially voted "The Most Entertaining Retriever".

The second retrieve-attempt repeated the first performance, but worse. Mike played as only an 18-month old, out-of-control pup can play – even shaking the duck enough to tenderize the toughest bird. When at last Mike decided to come back to the handler, we knew that someday this would make a good story to tell. After all, though he didn’t get that trophy, the gallery voted him The Most Entertaining Retriever.

Bruce & Kira - new titles at 2016 Natls
Spring - Sandy Shaffer - starts out in the Pocket Quail contest
Roxie - Chris Cullen - using her nose in the Pocket Quail Contest

Chris Cullen's "Roxie" ~ using her nose in the Pocket Quail Contest

Pete - Joyce Contofalsky - SHF & Gunners Choice Award RET

Pete (pictured at right, with owner/handler Joyce Contofalsky and judge Dawn Schuster) earned his Senior Hunter Flushing (SHF) title and the Gunners' Choice Award for being the dog the gunners most enjoyed hunting over.

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2016's 31st Nationals were yet another spectacular event for HWA.

All participants, members, guests, spectators & judges had a great time.

Flyer and Major romping, after the Hunting Instinct Test
Kim Burrier's Emmitt Jr Retriever Test Water Series

And… yet another NEW-TITLE update

(from Oct. 2016):