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Many thanks to members (and, friends & spouses!) who tirelessly pitched in, to make the

30th Annual Airedale Field Nationals' events – and the entire weekend – a grand success.

A celebration of our 30 years... with photos!

Hunting Working Airedales (HWA) began in 1985 as a committee of our breed’s AKC parent club, the Airedale Terrier Club of America (ATCA). In 2007, HWA incorporated as an independent organization. It was wonderful to join again with the ATCA for this anniversary year to have an ATCA Fur Test as part of the HWA Nationals. The symbolic significance of the two Airedale clubs again working together brought us all together for the good of the breed that we love so well. The 30th Anniversary HWA Airedale Field Nationals' event was a long time coming.

Annie - Owned by Scott Lichty.jpg
Elise Sites - Chief photographer.jpg
Brent LeMaster gunning for the HWA Nationals Upland Test.jpg
Lawrence Alexander's Milo, ready for the Upland Test water series.jpg
Bounce, owned-handled by George Gordon during the Pocket Quail Contest.jpg

Pat and John Bell, ready to enjoy the third and final day

of the HWA Nationals

Enthusiasm abounded throughout the entire weekend's events!

The 'heartbeat' of our organization is the joy in seeing the accomplishments of our the dogs – enthusiastically shared amongst our

members & event attendees. HWA is dedicated to preserving & promoting the Airedale as a versatile hunting and working companion dog.

Held: SEPT. 11th - 13th, 2015 

at Holly HIlls Game Preserve

near Chillicothe, Ohio


More fun, bonding, socializing ~ and of course working, & achieving new titles with Airedale owners, handlers and their dogs at our milestone event:

Annie, owned and handled by Scott Lichty, retrieves her chukar in the Junior Upland Test
Bird flingers in the Retriever Test.jpg
HWA 30th Natls report - click here.jpg

This page features some of many photos from our spectacular weekend's events.

HWA Annual Meeting - Friday.jpg
Bruce - owned-handled by Chris Halvorson.jpg
Bridget Bodine's Sr-Master Skills & Drills Retriever Workshop.jpg
Bruce, owned and handled by Chris Halvorson.
Lawrence Aleaxander's special birthday cake.jpg
At Friday's hospitality gathering, a  special birthday cake was arranged by Marsha Hatfield, with the help of a great photo by Dale Burrier.

On Friday afternoon, we gathered for an informal setting for our HWA Annual meeting.  Credit for making all the day’s events run smoothly and on time goes to Event Co-Chairs Patricia Nemeth and Kate Ostrowski, and their team of volunteers.

Ribbons and applause went to all our test qualifiers. Kira and Michael Sites earned the Brown Bess Memorial Award for the highest score in the Upland Test.  Filson and Kate Ostrowski earned the Road Dog Award for earning three AKC “legs” toward AKC hunt test titles since last year’s Nationals. And every pup and new dog got a certificate that said in part “May this first participation in field endeavors lead to continuing adventures and achievements.”  

Much more went on as our weekend progressed from Saturday into Sunday.


Saturday night’s 30th Anniversary Banquet and Auction was an enjoyable evening that flowed with good food and conversations,  with the added plus of many tempting auction items and raffle baskets. In honor of HWA’s 30th Anniversary, each attendee received a commemorative 30th Anniversary bronze keychain – a keepsake celebrating HWA’s existence from 1985-2015.  

Dean Hatfield & Matt of Holly HIlls.jpg

This year’s Limited Raffle was a fine collection of five “art pieces” including a rare Swarovski® crystal Airedale figurine, a bronze Dannyquest statue, two paintings, and a decorative, antique harness breastplate. Denise St. John, a member of the Steel Valley Airedale Terrier Club, was the lucky Limited Raffle winner.

Sunday, the third and final day of the Nationals  began with sun sparkling on the water of the pond where the water series of our Upland and Retriever Tests would be held. The running order would start with the three dogs who had qualified in the Upland land series, followed by the three dogs who qualified in the Retriever land series. After the call-backs were judged, the Retriever judges invited those who hadn’t qualified to bring their dogs to the water for some practice, a gesture that was much appreciated.

These last water retrieves always have considerable pressure on them since they must be completed successfully for a new title to be earned. This year Filson and Kira successfully completed their water retrieves. For Filson and his owner Kate, this meant he’d earned the Senior Hunter Flushing title [SHF] title, with the Senior Retriever water test still to go. For Kira and her owner Michael, this meant she’d earned the Master Hunter Flushing [MHF] title, which put her in the company of very few Airedales who have reached this difficult level of achievement.

As the Upland judges gave their position to the Retriever judges, and the test situations were adjusted, the Retriever Test water series brought one Senior dog – Filson – and two Junior dogs – Emmitt, owned/handled by Kim Burrier, and Laser, owned/handled by Linda Sorak – to the line. All the dogs successfully completed their Retriever Test water requirements, meaning that Filson would add a Senior Hunter Retriever [SHR] title to his name, while Emmitt and Laser would add a Junior Hunter Retriever [JHR] titles to theirs.


Following the Retriever water tests, some of the dogs who wished they’d qualified were given a chance to try some water retrieves. The practice and coaching by the judges helped turn their mindsets to what they needed to do in next year’s tests.

Sunday mid-morning brought a chance for dogs who weren’t entered in the bird tests to do a fun event called the Pocket Quail Contest. Each pup or untrained dog is given 15 minutes to hunt through a course to find hidden chukar wings.

“I just can’t believe how HAPPY my dogs were this weekend,” one attendee remarked. Realizing that our Airedales love field work and training is what keeps many of us coming back.  

The camaraderie and friendships we forge are so strong that it almost makes us family – and also makes for a special weekend. Though we didn’t have a ribbon or award for it, seeing young Isaac White and his mom Katherine return to the Nationals this year after his life-threatening illness surely would have won them the Biggest Winner Award, if such a award had existed.

Chief Marshall Mary Eavenson.jpg
The Sat Morning Gallery Gathers to plan.jpg
Sunday morning's Pocket Quail Fun Event_DSC8652.jpg
Pocket Quail Test.jpg
Triumph and Laser - on the sidelines, getting ready.jpg
Pat and John Bell, ready to enjoy the third and final day of the HWA Nationals ret.jpg
COLE with Stuart Eavenson - Saturday morning.jpg

This test series included Milo, the Junior entry owned/handled by Lawrence Alexander; Filson, the Senior entry owned/handled by Kate Ostrowski; and Kira, the Master Test entry owned/handled by Michael Sites.

2015 HWA Field Natls marked catalog - CLICK HERE

Chris Cullen shows off his

puppy Tuck's First Time

Participant certificate.

Mikey and China, spy some birds in the back of the truck.jpg

Mikey & China, spy some birds in the back of the truck.

Isaac White and his mom Katherine return to the HWA Nationals_DSC8710.jpg
Michael Sites & Kate Ostrowski accepting well-earned awards.jpg

Michael Sites & Kate Ostrowski accepting well-earned awards

Linda Sorak accepts Laser's Junior

Retriever ribbon & award

Linda Sorak accepts Laser's Junior Retriever ribbon & award.jpg
Chris Cullen shows off his puppy Tuck's First Time Participant certificate.jpg
Emmitt - new JHR title.jpg
Filson, owned & handled by Kate Ostrowski.jpg
Kira, owned-handled by Michael Sites, in the Master Upland Test water series.jpg
Kira, with her retrieve, in the Master Upland Test water series.jpg

Kira, with her water retrieve – dutifully working to earn her newest title!

You can click here to visit our "Titleholder Spotlight" pages:

to read about featured dogs, handlers & owners.

New titles, ribbons, and awards are important records of the achievement of individual

dogs and owners – all validating the hunting abilities of our breed.

The dog that found the most wings in one pass of the course was declared the winner. This gives new dogs and pups a chance to use their noses on birds, and give owners a chance to see their dogs work a field. All just for fun – but fun with a purpose.

Triumph, with owner-handler Patricia Gintilas - ready for the Pocket Quail Contest.jpg

Our Awards Ceremony concluded our

event on Sunday afternoon.

For our HWA family, this year's event was a state of mind. As we said our good-byes and “See you next years,” the consensus seemed to be It Came Together Well.

Goodbye - till HWA's 2016 Nationals.jpg

Sunday – Day 3 of the 30th Nationals

Every year the HWA Field Nationals held in Ohio draws participants who come from as far as California, Texas, Ontario, and Alabama.

Though the Nationals have many repeat attendees,we delight in welcoming newcomers ~ and puppies can learn to hunt with us!

Isaac White and his mom, Katherine, returned to join us.


Holly Hills Game Preserve