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Held: September 12 - 14, 2014

HWA's 2014

Every year the HWA Field Nationals held in Ohio draws participants who come

from far away as California, Texas, Ontario, Alabama and the Carolinas.

Though the Nationals have many repeat attendees, we always delight in

welcoming newcomers ~ and the puppies that learn to hunt with us!

29th Annual Field Nationals

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The picturesque setting at Holly HIlls, where

we are always warmly welcomed,

is a perfect location for our events.

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After the Fur Tests, it was time for some " fun in action"…

How many times can your Airedale bark in 60 seconds?

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The weekend included a lovely welcome dinner, Fur tests, our ever-fun "Barkathon", the Lemaster workshop, Hunting Instinct Tests, Upland Test land series, Retriever Test land series, a Pocket Quail contest, Upland and Retriever tests water series – and of course, our annual banquet and nifty-items fundraiser auction, our limited raffle, and the awards ceremony.

If you missed the 2014 HWA Field Nationals, and our 30th year of another spectacular

event weekend (held in Sept 2015) ~ please check out our 2016 Nationals' pages!


More photos from the HWA 29th Field Nationals can be viewed by clicking here.

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The 29th Field Nationals was a great

weekend for all, with many dogs

achieving new or additional titles.

We – as are the owners & handlers

of the dogs "at work" – are filled with pride.


In 2014, we reached the 29 year "mark"

of fun, learning & camaraderie

– that all comes together

at our annual event.